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The Foundation Course

While this course does not lead to a formal qualification, it will give you a taste of what degree level study looks like, and help you consider whether you might like to take training further.

The Foundation Course comprises 6 modules spread over two years – for those taking the course while over the first 4 years there was the chance to opt into one of 3 ‘mini-modules’ in May each year: because of the more specialised and interactive nature of these mini-modules, they are not available on-line.

Year 1

1) Bible overview

2) Bible handling

3) Romans


  • Preaching
  • Leadership
  • Making disciples

Year 2

4) Reformation Theology

5) Luke/discipleship

6) Church History


  • Preaching (2)
  • Walking with Jesus every day
  • Life a a movie soundtrack (Reading Scripture in public worship)

Year3 Programme

The Year3 programme is designed as a ‘supplement’ to the Foundation Course, rather than something integral to it.

Instead of the uniform pattern of a series of modules taught from the front, Year3 comprises 3 different learning contexts.

Wisdom Literature

There is a 7-part module on ‘Wisdom Literature’ which is taught by David Gibson.

‘Study blocks’

There are three ‘study blocks’, each covering some 4 weeks or more, in which course participants are expected to read through material relating to a particular issue. These ‘study blocks’ are brought together in a concluding 90-minute seminar, led by one of the teaching team.

The issues addressed in these ‘study blocks’ are –

  • The authority of Holy Scripture
  • The integrity of Christian worship
  • The priority of persuasive evangelism

Half-day conferences

3 half-day conferences provided a focal point for the issues addressed in the ‘study blocks’.

The final half-day conference rounds off the whole 3 year programme for participants.

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