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We are all pastors of fellowships in and around Aberdeen.

Although we minister in a variety of different denominational backgrounds, we nonetheless share certain core convictions.

Each of us is committed to systematic expository preaching: we seek to exercise a biblical teaching ministry aimed at grounding our people in the Word of God and equipping them to live fruitful lives in the service of Christ and His kingdom: and we are convinced about the need for, and the importance of, a ‘next generation’ perspective – and thus we seek God’s wisdom in anticipating the challenges His church will face in coming years.

Between us we bring a wide range of pastoral experience and biblical ‘specialism’: and by combining together in this way to provide a rounded ‘foundational’ course of gospel training, we hope also to offer a model of that unity of the Spirit which is urged on God’s people.

We love what we do, and we do it with passion: we look forward to working with you!

Jeremy McQuoid

Deeside Christian Fellowship Church

Jeremy McQuoid is the Teaching Pastor at Deeside Christian Fellowship.  He has a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from America, and he preaches at national conferences.  Jeremy has written ‘the Amazing Cross’ (IVP, 2012) along with his wife Liz.  Jeremy will become Chairman of Keswick Ministries in August 2020

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Jeremy Middleton

Gilcomston Church

Jerry Middleton has ministered at Gilcomston Church in Aberdeen since 2015, after previous ministries in Cumbernauld and Edinburgh, spanning more than 40 years of ministry. He has lectured and tutored at both the former Glasgow Bible College and Edinburgh Bible College. Since 2013 he has headed up the Crieff Fellowship of ministers.

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Duncan Ryan

Banchory Christian Fellowship Church

Duncan Ryan is Pastor-Teacher at Banchory Christian Fellowship Church. Having initially studied and worked in biomedical sciences, he entered pastoral ministry in 2010. He studied through London School of Theology and has a Masters in Systematic Theology. Duncan is married to Amy-Jo, with two young children.

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David Gibson

Trinity Church, Aberdeen

David Gibson is the Minister of Trinity Church, Aberdeen. He is married to Angela, with four young children.

He has a PhD in the history of biblical interpretation and is the author of a recent book on Ecclesiastes, Destiny: Learning to Live by Preparing to Die (IVP).

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