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To reach Scotland for Jesus Christ, we need men and women who are thoroughly equipped for the task…

The need for the Gospel is great: in our nation, in our city and in our churches. Foundational to meeting this need is taking seriously the ambition to present everyone mature in Christ (Col. 1:28)

With that in mind, what we sought to do through NESGT is provide a basic 2-year ‘Foundation Course’ comprising 6 substantial modules over a two year period.

We also provided the option at the end of each year to participate in a further ‘mini-module’ geared to different spheres of ministry: now that we have made it a purely ‘on-line’ course, these ‘mini-modules are regrettably the only part of the course which is no longer available

A Year3 programme provides a ‘supplement’ to the Foundation Course for those wanting to take things a little bit further.

Who is NESGT for?
The training programme is free of charge, and is open to all. As well as being of benefit for those in church leadership and those considering training for full time ministry, this training initiative is open to, and will be (we hope!) a resource for, anyone (of all ages and from any church) who is interested in deepening their faith.

The course is now available on-line through a series of teaching videos. By using these videos the course can be accessed at any time by anyone – and at a pace which suits the student.

Why should I take this course?
The NESGT curriculum will help you deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ and equip you to serve in the local church.

What does NESGT offer?
The Foundation Course comprises a series of 6 modules, each involving seven, eight or nine 90-minute sessions.

The Year3 programme involves one teaching module of 7 sessions (each 90 minutes in length); 3 half-day conferences; and 3 ‘study blocks’ (a series of ‘reading weeks’), each of which is concluded with a 90-minute seminar.

To access the Foundation Course modules and the Year3 programme simply go to the ‘Teaching videos’ tab and scroll down for the relevant teaching material.

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