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The Foundation Course

This is a 2-year course, comprising 3 main modules each year

NB – It’s likely that at least the first module will be delivered on-line. Check the ‘News’ tab for up to date details.

Year 1 modules

Module 1 (Aug-Oct 2020)

Bible Overview

The 9-week module gives an overview of the whole Bible, explains the big story behind the 66 books, and shows how each books fits into ‘salvation history’ – all with contemporary application!

Teacher: Jeremy McQuoid

17/08/20 Introduction. Genesis and Exodus

24/08/20 Leviticus – Deuteronomy

31/08/20 The historical books. Joshua-2 Samuel

07/09/20 Kings and prophets

14/09/20 The 4 major prophets (Isaiah-Daniel)

21/09/20 The 12 minor prophets (Hosea-Malachi)

28/09/20 The Gospels and Acts

05/10/20 Paul’s letters

12/10/20 The ‘general’ letters and Revelation

Module 2 (Oct-Dec 2020)

Bible Handling

Knowing how to handle the Bible is an important skill to learn; this 7-part module identifies the different ‘genres’ in the Bible and shows you how each different ‘genre’ should be handled.

Teacher: Duncan Ryan

26/10/20 What is the Bible?

02/11/20 Context

09/11/20 The Letters

16/11/20 Old Testament narrative

23/11/20 The gospels

30/11/20 The prophets

07/12/20 The psalms

Module 3 (Jan-Mar 2021)


This module works through the text of Paul’s letter to the Romans in 9 sessions, and in so doing provides you with a great key to understanding the message of the whole Bible.

Teacher: Jerry Middleton

11/01/21 Introduction

18/01/21 Gospel (Rom.1.1-17)

25/01/21 Grace (Rom.1.18-3.26)

01/02/21 Faith (Rom.3.27-5.21)

08/02/21 Sin (Rom.6.1-7.25)

22/02/21 Freedom (Rom.8.1-39)

01/03/21 Glory (Rom.9.1-11.36)

08/03/21 Love (Rom.12.1-15.7)

15/03/21 Ministry (Rom.15.8-16.27)

Year 1 ‘mini-modules’

These mini-modules in May are an optional ‘extra’ and do not constitute a formal part of the Foundation Course. They are geared towards developing skills in particular spheres of ministry; and students wishing to opt into one of these ‘mini-modules’ should do so having first confirmed with their local church leadership that their participation in the course is appropriate.


Jeremy McQuoid

This module shows how to put together an expository sermon from start to finish. Numbers are restricted to a maximum of c.10 who have approval from their church leadership.  No past experience is needed, but participants will prepare and deliver a sermon and be critiqued!

03/05/21 Preaching (1)

10/05/21 Preaching (2)

17/05/21 Preaching (3)

Making disciples

Duncan Ryan

This module looks at the biblical perspective on making disciples, shows how it is not a specialist calling, but one that every Christian is called to, and is to be active in, and will equip you to bring the gospel to bear on people’s lives so that they might follow Jesus better.

03/05/21 The great commission

10/05/21 Walking with others

17/05/21 Biblical counselling


Jerry Middleton

Using Nehemiah as an example, this module works through what good leadership looks like (in the home, in a team, or in the life of your local church), and will help those involved see how such leadership is best cultivated, sustained and safeguarded.

03/05/21 Establishing clear vocational aims

10/05/21 Creating strong relational ties

17/05/21 Showing true incarnational traits

Year 2 modules

[Specific dates for the year 2021/22 will be determined nearer the time]

Module 4 (Aug-Oct 2021)

Reformation Theology

This 7-week module walks you through the major themes which the Reformers sought to address, shows why they are so crucial, and explains both how they were handled then and why they still matter today.

Teacher: Duncan Ryan

Session 1 Authority

Session 2 The human condition

Session 3 Justification

Session 4 Union with Christ

Session 5 The Holy Spirit

Session 6 The church

Session 7 The Christian life

Module 5 (Oct-Dec 2021)


Luke’s is the longest of the four gospel records. The 7-part module covers the whole of this carefully structured book, and applies its message to our living today as disciples of Jesus.

Teacher: Jerry Middleton

Session 1 The Man (Lk.1.1-3.38)

Session 2 The Manifesto (Lk.4.1-6.49)

Session 3 The Miracles (Lk.7.1-9.50)

Session 4 The Mission (Lk.9.51-13.30)

Session 5 The Ministry (Lk.13.31-19.27)

Session 6 The Message (Lk.19.28-21.38)

Session 7 The Messiah (Lk.22.1-24.53)

Module 6 (Jan-Mar 2022)

Church History

This module works through the story of the church in 8 sessions. Far from being a list of dates, each session shows the issues the church has faced down the years, and how these apply to ourselves today.

Teacher: Jeremy McQuoid

Session 1 An introduction to Church History

Session 2 The age of ‘catholic’ Christianity

Session 3 The age of the Christian Roman Empire

Session 4 The Christian Middle Ages

Session 5 The age of the Reformation

Session 6 The age of reason and revival

Session 7 The age of progress

Session 8 The age of ideologies & global expansion

Year 2 ‘mini-modules’

Preaching (2)

Jeremy McQuoid

The sequel to last year’s preaching module, you’ll learn how to put together a biblical sermon from start to finish. It shows how to find the big idea of a passage, how to explain, prove and apply a text, how to pull the whole thing together – and then each person preaches!

1) Preaching (1)

2) Preaching (2)

3) Preaching (3)

Walking with Jesus every day

Duncan Ryan

This module help you think through what it means to have a life of devotion to Jesus Christ, by looking at the biblical principles, considering the aims of that ‘devotional life’, and working through practical steps you can take to help you seek and know the Lord better day-by-day.

1) Hearing God speak

2) Responding with our lips

3) Responding with out lives

Reading the Bible in public

Jerry Middleton

Entitled simply ‘Life as a movie soundtrack’, this mini-module helps you (a) to understand the huge significance of reading the Bible in public worship, (b) to identify the necessary skills required for this task, and (c) to develop an increasing competence in fulfilling this task.

1) The Mission. Basic principles and key issues

2) The Sound of Music. The necessary practical skills

3) Training Day. Putting theory into practice.

Year3 programme

NESGT aims always both to equip God’s people for effective and fruitful service, and to raise up the next generation of leaders in Christ’s church. The Year3 programme is akin to a ‘finishing school’.

The Year3 programme has 3 main components – a teaching module, run along similar lines to the Foundation Course modules: three ‘study blocks’, where participants are required to read through set books and then join together for a concluding seminar; and three half-day conferences, at which the issues studied in the ‘study blocks’ are consolidated.

NB – As with the Foundation Course, it’s likely that at least the autumn programme will be delivered on line. Check the ‘News’ tab.

Teaching module

Wisdom Literature

(September & November 2020)

Majoring on the book of Ecclesiastes, but with sessions on Job, Proverbs and the Song of Songs, this 7-part module looks at the basic issues which every generation has to address.

Teacher: David Gibson

14/09/20 Wisdom

21/09/20 Perspective

28/09/20 Time

09/11/20 Death

16/11/20 Life

23/11/20 Desire

30/11/20 Mystery

Study Blocks’

(1) The authority of Holy Scripture

(August & October 2020)

In a ‘post-truth’ day it’s more important than ever that Christians have some real clarity as to the absolute authority of the Bible as God’s Word.

Students will be set a course of reading around this theme, joining together for a concluding seminar.


Sinclair Ferguson, “From the Mouth of God”

[J I Packer,Fundamentalism & the Word of God]

Seminar: 2nd November 2020. 7.30-9.00pm

Teacher: Jerry Middleton

(2) The integrity of Christian worship

(January – February 2021)

Few aspects of our new life in Christ are more significant than our worship of God. Yet too little consideration is given to the nature and implications of the worship of God in the light of the teaching which the Scriptures give.

Students will again be set a course of reading around this theme, joining together for a concluding seminar.


Seminar: 8th February 2021. 7.30-9pm

Teacher: Duncan Ryan

(3) The priority of persuasive evangelism

(February – March 2021)

For centuries the ‘worldview’ and values of western society were broadly rooted in the Judaeo-Christian revelation. That’s no longer the case! Few challenges are more pressing, therefore, than that of learning how to communicate the gospel in today’s diverse culture.

As in the previous ‘study blocks’ students will be set a course of reading around this theme, joining together for a concluding seminar.


Seminar: 29th March 2021. 7.30-9pm

Teacher: Jeremy McQuoid

½ day conferences

(1) Saturday 19th September 2020


Gilcomston Church

Ian Hamilton will be our guest speaker at this half-day conference: he will give two addresses on the theme of the authority of the Bible.

Programme (draft)

09.30 Welcome

09.40 Ian Hamilton (1)

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 Seminars

12.00 Ian Hamilton (2)

13.00 Depart


(2) Saturday 16th January 2021


Banchory Christian Fellowship Church

This half-day conference will provide a focus for the second ‘study block’ addressing the biblical view of worship.

Programme (draft)

09.30 Welcome

09.40 Guest speaker (1)

1030 Coffee Break

11.00 Seminars

12.00 Guest speaker (2)

13.00 Depart

(3) Saturday 12th June 2021


Deeside Christian Fellowship Church

This final half-day conference will be a bit different, rounding off the whole 3 year training which participants will have received; we’ll hope to mark the occasion appropriately!

A guest speaker will lead us in 2 sessions on ‘persuasive evangelism’ – a reminder that all the training which NESGT provides is with a view to our being sent out to share the good news.

Programme (draft)

09.30 Welcome

09.40 Guest speaker (1)

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 ‘Graduation’

12.00 Guest speaker (2)

13.00 Depart


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